Dementia Awareness Week at New Day


This week was dedicated to Dementia Action. It is a national event that sees the UK public taking action to improve the lives of people affected by Dementia.

Those with Dementia may experience memory loss, along with other symptoms – but this week we wanted to celebrate them and make them feel special and let them know we are here to be with them, support them and care for them. Understanding our residents as individuals allows us to provide better more person centred care.

As part of improving the lives of residents we specifically chose to support the blue denim colouring theme. The blue colour is a symbol for anyone who wants to unite against Dementia, raise awareness and support people affected by the condition.

Residents sat together and made posters and wrote letters and messages and talked about what dementia means to them and those around them. To make the event fun and exiting we had cakes and snacks with some existing raffles which, despite it being a serious topic, made the discussion light and encouraged residents to take part.

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