Blissful Care Homes

A friendly family business with a passion for quality, integrity and dignity

Blissful is a business with a family at its core. Your family, our family and family values.

Originally founded in 2004, the business has stayed in the family. The family focused approach has allowed us to maintaining our desire to place staff and residents at the centre of everything we do. This family approach means that we can run our care homes with the values that we hold dear as a family – of love, respect, dignity and comfort.

Our history also means that we hold ourselves accountable. While we’re still governed by the same quality standards and guidelines as any other care business, our family history means that we have a very personal stake in delivering care that we can be proud of. We care passionately about what we do and strive to maintain a rock-solid reputation for high-quality, personalised care.

Being a family business means we are also very careful to recruit people that share our deep-rooted commitment to compassionate, attentive care. All of our team are united by one mission: to support older people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives in comfortable and safe surroundings.

Our ethos

Our team pride themselves on providing a high standard of care, balancing the warmth and compassion of a family with the passion and integrity you would expect from care professional.

We strive to empower residents, encourage independance and protect the dignity and privacy of every resident. We provide safe and comfortable environments and also focus on building trusting relationships.

Ruth Malesa – Regional Manager

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