Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy for visitors for join residents for a meal. We ask you inform us prior to you visit so we can plan accordingly. Whilst it is not required, if you wish, you can make a donation to the residents activities fund.

You are most welcome to trial with us before committing to anything. Your trial can be for an afternoon, a day, or a few days. We recommend you speak with the Home Manager if you are considering this.

Our Homes prefer family to accompany residents to hospital/external appointments. We can provide staff at an extra cost. This is dependent on staff availability. We don’t have our own minibus or disabled transport, however, local taxi firms who provide this service are available at an extra cost.

If your selected room is not available, you can (subject to availability) provide another room. Once your preferred room is available, you would be able to move to the preferred room.

The weekly fee covers: personal care, nursing care (if you are staying in a nursing home), food, and laundry. Hair dressers, chiropody, newspapers and toiletries are extra. Normal in-house activities are provided free of charge, however, day trips out, etc., may require a contribution from residents attending. There may be regional variances. Please speak with the Home Manager for further details.

If you are already in an area local to the home, you may not be required to change doctors. If your existing Doctors surgery is outside of our area, you will most likely have to change Doctors.

Residents’/Power of Attorneys can apply for attendance allowance. Where applicable, the Homes apply for Funded Nurse Care Contributions and credit this to the resident’s account if once the funds are received.

Our nurses and carers always strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, the privacy and the individuality of all residents whilst also remaining sensitive to their individual needs. These areas can include physical, mental health, cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social needs.

We believe that involving the resident or their Next of Kin not only adds value to people’s lives, but also gives people more choice and control in decision making about their health and care. We keep families updated on a regular basis about their loved one’s general condition. You can also contact the home for any update.

Our homes are not complete without visitors. Residents’ families and friends are always welcome at reasonable hours, preferably between the hours of 10am and 7pm. If you need to visit outside of these hours, please speak with the Home Manager so we can try to arrange this.

The Home Manager completes a pre-admission assessment to identify each potential resident’s personal needs. Upon admission, the resident and their Next of Kin complete a ‘Getting to know you or My routine preferences’ form. This helps guide the Home with planning personalised care needs suitable for the resident. This input also helps develop the care plan and maintain personal preferences of each resident.

Management and staff encourage each resident to continue with their usual hobbies, whilst providing a secure, clean and safe environment, with privacy and hospitality to make any visitors feel welcome. Activities co-ordinators provide and facilitate activities tailored to individual residents based on their preferences. The homes have planned various activities e.g., music and movement, soft ball games, parachutes, scrabble, bingo, cards, cooking, daily sparkle news reading, music, karaoke, individual and group reminiscence, shopping trips, gardening, colouring, reading the newspaper, group sessions, themed activities depending on the time of year or celebration and many more.

Staff in the home are given the appropriate level of training and have the qualifications to deliver the best possible standard of care. Our staff are highly skilled and will continue to be trained through an ongoing staff-training programme to ensure residents receive the highest standard of care. Home Managers conduct regular quality checks to monitor the quality of care delivered to ensure it is safe. Maintenance is carried out regularly to keep our homes in good decorative order; this is to ensure that we provide a safe, hygienic and pleasant environment for all residents, staff and visitors.

Our team fully understands that spirituality means different things to different people. People do different things to meet these spiritual needs, depending on what’s important to them. Some people do things within their religion such as prayer or going to a religious meeting. For other people, it could be being with friends and family, spending time in nature or doing work or hobbies. Our team will support individual residents to meet their needs’ based on their preferences.

Our residents are supported and assisted to eat a wide range of foods to make sure they are getting a balanced diet and receiving all the nutrients their body needs. Residents’ food preferences are taken into consideration when planning their nutritional care plan, their weight gain or loss monitored and reported to GP and Dietician for support. Although there are meal timings, residents can eat meals outside of the timings if they wish.

We welcome visitors bringing in pets for a visit. If you would like to know more about a potential longer stay for a pet, please speak with the Manager of the specific home to discuss this further.

Our homes have a varied and nutritional menu which changes over time. We cater for varied and special diets, provide hot or cold meals, vegetarian, Asian, Western, Caribbean, lactose intolerant diet, diabetic diet, softer diets. Our residents can enjoy meals at their leisure and in an area of their choosing – their bedroom, with a friend, in the dining rooms, etc.

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