Dressing up


We played dress up today! Our residents made a wish to dress up in traditional Indian clothes, so we decided to make their wish come true! Our staff carefully picked items of clothing that would be suitable for our residents to enjoy wearing and they really did enjoy dressing up in Indian garments to celebrate another culture. It was a fun afternoon of dress up, catwalks, laughter and appreciation!

Dressing up is not just about maintaining good hygiene but also about boosting self-confidence. Elderly who dress well and take care of their appearance tend to feel better about themselves and have a higher self esteem, all of which leads to a positive outlook on life. This activity made the residents feel fabulous!

At Coppermill we also support with personal grooming (including hair dressing, chiropody, nail painting, etc). These are all activities that the residents not only enjoy but also are a major factor in them starting their day off with confidence!

Get in touch if you have more activity ideas for us to try, we would love to hear from you!


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