Our people

Our friendly and highly trained team

Have been chosen for their dedication to providing high-quality, compassionate care and support. Their passion and motivation to enhance lives ensure that we meet the emotional needs of our residents, while their integrity and respect for the people we support ensure dignity at all times.

Based in the heart of one of the country’s most ethnically diverse cities, the people living and working at Hayes Park are a diverse group. Our rich cultural mix is reflected in the languages we speak, the meals we provide and the entertainment we enjoy. We are very much a reflection of Leicester’s s rich cultural heritage and do all we can to ensure that is reflected in life at Hayes Park Nursing Home.

Dedicated staff team

Continuity of care

When it comes to caring for the elderly, particularly those with dementia, continuity in care is extremely important. We are very proud of the fact that the majority of our team have worked at Hayes Park for many years. This allows us to build long-term relationships with the people we care for, enabling us to develop a good understanding of their personality, preferences and support needs. This continuity in service allows us to deliver high-quality care which is based on the need of every individual.

Excellent food. Staff are very caring and speak to the residents with dignity.
Mum is really happy here and sits with the other residents, where she did not do that at her previous home.

B R (Daughter of Resident) – published on 8 January 2020


and staff development

To ensure the very best care, all of our staff members have access to ongoing training and development. Most of the team have achieved, or are working towards, Health and Social Care CQF. We actively encourage personal development and continuous improvement, offering 17 different training and development courses annually in order to ensure that we have the training in place to respond to current and future needs.

New staff undertake mandatory training, e-learning and are supported to achieve their Care Certificate when they join the Hayes Park team. They also undertake a full induction programme and spend time shadowing current employees to learn about our approach and the needs of the people we care for. This focus on training and development helps to guarantee that all of our care reaches the high standards we expect from our teams.

Best practice

Ensuring best practice in social care

We review our practices on a regular basis to ensure that we offer the best possible care. As well as daily handover meetings, our regular staff meetings are designed to share best practice, knowledge and experience. As part of this process, our manager keeps abreast of what’s going on in the wider care industry, drawing on best practice, care trends and changes in legislation to keep Hayes Park at the forefront of high-quality care.

The professional care that my friend received was second to none. She recovered her strength whilst in their care, they did extra assessments and provided aids. Most importantly they responded immediately to queries and concerns and it was obvious they knew their patients intimately and were compassionate
and extremely caring, anticipating needs. It appeared there were a lot of patients with nursing needs so there appeared to be few activities that were obvious to visitors.

B J (Friend of Resident) – published on 14 September 2017

Digital care planning system

Robust and up to date care plans are central to ensuring that our residents receive the appropriate care for their needs. Our digital care planning system allows us to access and update all care plans on a digital system, offering increased accountability, improved reporting and far higher efficiency than paper-based records. The biggest advantage is that records can be accessed and updated far more quickly, allowing our staff to spend less time on administration and more on providing care to our residents.
In fact, there are many benefits. The Care Quality Commission (CQC), have outlined the five key areas in which they believe this type of technology can support the delivery of outstanding person-centred care:

Safe: helping ensure key information is accurate and easy to share with caring professionals in real time

Staff can access digital care plans and records more easily and record information in real time. This can be quickly and accurately shared to help keep people safe, and highlight key information, such as up-to-date medical and allergy information.

Effective: supporting effective communication and more efficient use of resources, including finances

Staff, family and other providers can share digital records more easily and quickly. Staff can use handheld devices to record support given as it happens. This avoids having to complete paper records after the event.

Caring: supporting person-centred care and helping staff to spend more time on the things that really matter

Technology can support staff to make their processes more efficient. This means that their time isn’t taken up by administrative work. Digital care records can make information easier to access and quicker to share. This reduces the number of times people who use services have to give information or repeat themselves.

Responsive to people’s needs: supporting providers to be more proactive and responsive to changing needs by helping to identify developing risks or needs more quickly

Communication aids (such as tablet-based apps) can be tailored to an individual’s needs, preferences and activities. Or a computer-based app can be also used to deliver tailor-made treatment/recovery plans for people.

Well-led: supporting more effective quality assurance through more effective communication, information sharing and improved data analysis

People who use services and their families can use online platforms to access and contribute to the information that is important to them. They can also communicate with those involved in their care and treatment.

Our caring approach

Our mission to deliver high-quality care which enhances quality of life for the people we support. We help our residents to lead fulfilling lives, with care that’s personalised to their individual needs and wishes.

For us, “quality care” means ensuring that every individual’s hopes, goals and needs are met.

Multi-disciplinary care

Working with healthcare professionals from the local community to provide holistic care

Supporting older people inevitably means dealing with complex healthcare needs, long-term conditions and end of life care. As well as the care provided by our own teams, we have built strong links with a number of healthcare providers in Leicester, from local GP practices, mental health teams, occupational therapists and physiotherapists to dentists, opticians and podiatrists.

By building those links, we’ve created a multi-disciplinary team which enables us to take a holistic approach to care; sharing information, assessments, policies, training and learning to enable quality care that can meet a wide range of needs across various medical disciplines.

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