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The team at New Day Nursing and Residential Home

It is the people that make a house a home, and that’s no different at New Day. Our warm, friendly and highly trained team have been chosen for their dedication to providing high quality, compassionate care and support. What is more, they do it with a passion, integrity and respect that makes them stand out from the crowd. it with a passion, integrity and respect that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Dedicated staff team

Continuity of care

We understand the importance of continuity in care and are extremely proud of the fact that the majority of our team have worked at New Day for many years. As well as being great for team spirit, this allows us to build long-term relationships with people we care for. In turn, this means we have a good understanding of their preferences, their personality and their care and support needs, allowing us to deliver unrivalled high quality care.

Since April this year, my mother has bee a resident of Newday Nursing Home. She has made vast improvement from a 92-year-old who just slept most of the time to a person who is alert, funny, friendly and walking short distances and joining in with the activities. I can only put this down to the constant loving, warming, caring staff.

Joseph C (Son of Resident) – published on 18 October 2018


and staff development

More than 90% of our staff team have a Health and Social Care Diploma to at least level 2. In addition to the care team, all of our domiciliary staff undertake this training. This ensures that all staff who are in contact with the people we care for have the same level of understanding and care. It also means that our cleaners and kitchen staff have the training required to step in and help with care when needed. This unique approach allows us to reduce our reliance on temporary workers, ensuring that the people we care for are surrounded by familiar faces.

Ensuring the best care

Our staff teams undertake a comprehensive induction and ongoing training to ensure best practice

We review our practices on a daily basis to ensure that we offer the best possible care. As well as daily handover meetings, our regular staff meetings are designed to share best practice, learn from any (good or bad) care home practices that have been in the media and share knowledge and experience. We also have a culture of self-improvement, where open and honest acknowledgement of things that could be improved is encouraged.

Team meetings are attended by all staff who come into contact with our residents, ensuring a consistent level of knowledge and understanding of client needs across the entire New Day team.

Cannot praise the staff at New Day enough, my dad needed respite care after a long stay in hospital. He arrived in their care bedridden and unable to feed himself, etc. With the care and dedication of the team and my dad’s determination, he is now home, back on his feet! It is truly an amazing transformation
and would not have been possible without the love, care and attention for detail this home has. The whole time my dad was in their care, my mum and I could relax knowing everything was being done to move my dad forward, not just physically but mentally too, because they really do care passionately about what they do and the people they are looking after. If you are considering New Day for your loved one, I know for sure my dad would highly recommend them as would I.

Jennie H (Daughter of Resident) – published on 29 March 2020

Digital care planning system

using digital technology helps to improve quality, efficiency and individual care

Robust and up to date care plans are central to ensuring that our residents receive the appropriate care for their needs. Our digital care planning system allows us to access and update all care plans on a digital system, offering increased accountability, improved reporting and far higher efficiency than paper-based records. In turn, this allows handovers to be more efficient and enables the team to record and identify patterns or changes in health and behaviour. Crucially, using an electronic system gives us more time to spend with our residents.

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Multi-disciplinary care

Our links with local healthcare teams ensure a holistic approach to care

Supporting older people inevitably means dealing with complex healthcare needs, long-term conditions and end of life care. As well as the care provided by our own teams, we have built and fostered strong links within the Acocks Green community to build an extended team of multidisciplinary experts. By building relationships with local GP practices, mental health teams, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dentists, opticians and other healthcare professionals, we’ve built a trusted team which enables us to take a holistic approach to care.

In practice, this means sharing information, assessments, policies, training and learning to support quality care across the board.

In addition to our multidisciplinary approach, the team at New Day have built a strong relationship with the Local Authority. As a care home that is known to offer support for people with behaviour that could be described as challenging, this relationship means we have fast access to local mental health services when required.

Our caring approach

Our mission to deliver high-quality care which enhances quality of life for the people we support. We help our residents to lead fulfilling lives, with care that’s personalised to their individual needs and wishes.

For us, “quality care” means ensuring that every individual’s hopes, goals and needs are met.

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If you are able to balance passion, dedication and professionalism with compassion, warmth and the ability to light up people’s day, then we want to hear from you.

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