Karaoke and one to one activities


We all have days where we want company but perhaps not to be part of a large group. We recognise this at Bricklehampton Hall. It’s part of our person centred approach to care.

Today we joined Susan in her room for some karaoke. Susan was keen on karaoke but not keen on partaking in this activity in the lounge. So what do we do? We took the activity to her where she was very happy for us to be with her in her room.

Susan started a conversation about when she used to be in a choir and enjoyed singing. We started the karaoke with her and she just loved it. Once we started, there are (almost) no stopping her. We sang four songs with her and left her full of smiles and laughter.  She said we could do it again anytime because she enjoyed it very much.

We also engage with other one to one activities. Give us a call or better still, visit us and ask more about our one to one activities.

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