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Every resident’s needs are as individual as they are, which is why we aim to give everyone living with us at Bricklehampton Hall the freedom of choice to live how they want to live. When it comes to food, activities and lifestyle, we aim to offer our residents a variety of choices which meet the needs and wishes of every individual.

I have been in this nursing home since January 2019. I settled in well and found all the facilities to my liking. Elegant surroundings and large well kept garden. Comfortable room with superb views. Management of staff caring and efficient. Activities are good. I consider myself to be fortunate in my choice of nursing home.

Roy B (Resident) – published on 11 June 2019

Food and drink

Fresh, delicious and nutritious food, with a variety of choice to suit all tastes and diets

Our chefs pride themselves on providing nutritious meals which look and taste good at the same time as meeting the individual preferences and dietary needs of all of our residents. Fresh, local ingredients are delivered daily, ensuring that our meals are nutritious, freshly prepared and delicious.

We see mealtimes as an opportunity to socialise and enjoy the opportunity to chat over delicious food and a glass of wine. However, with dignity, respect and personal choice at the heart of all we do, residents are given the choice to eat in the dining rooms, in one of the conservatories that overlook the extensive and beautiful grounds, or in the privacy of their own room.

A balanced diet

Lunch forms the main meal of the day, with a starter, choice of main courses and a sweet of the day. Ice cream, jelly, fruit salad and a cheese board are also served.

Refreshments, including homemade cake, sandwiches, biscuits and fruit are available throughout the day. If a resident does not want the dishes that are on the menu, our chef will be pleased to prepare an alternative.

The team are very proud to also have gained the The Healthy Food Award. Click here to see an article published in the Evesham press

Our caring approach

Our mission to deliver high-quality care which enhances quality of life for the people we support. We help our residents to lead fulfilling lives, with care that’s personalised to their individual needs and wishes.

For us, “quality care” means ensuring that every individual’s hopes, goals and needs are met.


A choice of engaging and entertaining activities

As well as creating valuable opportunities for social interaction, our Activities Coordinators plan activities that will help residents maintain life skills, support independence and contribute to both physical and mental wellbeing. We plan and arrange both group and 1-2-1 activities, depending on the needs and preferences of the residents.

We ensure that there is something for everyone – from learning about local history to arts and crafts, listening to music and poetry readings through to themed days for Ascot, St George’s day and Wimbledon, or simply taking the time to look at old photos or enjoy a board game.

Garden Parties

Landscaped, wheelchair accessible gardens provide a safe space to enjoy the outdoors.

Our lovely grounds also give us the pleasure of being able to host a number of garden parties during the summer months. As part of this active lifestyle approach, residents are also encouraged to maintain their independence in mobility and self-care, promoting a valuable sense of self-worth.

Take a peek at our activities…

Keeping connected

Bricklehampton Hall care home has always been at the heart of the community

As an imposing and stunning building in a small Pershore village Bricklehampton Hall has been a focal point in the local community since it was built in 1848. We’re keen to ensure that Bricklehampton Hall stays at the heart of the community. To do this, we encourage local residents, schools and families to visit us. We also host a number of community events in our gardens, and have strong links with the local church, who often join us for music and poetry.

Visitors are welcome at all times and residents are encouraged to take tea or coffee with their family and friends, either inside the home or in the beautiful gardens. We also encourage family members and the local community to bring their pets into the home, which never fails to raise a smile and can be very therapeutic.

Families and relationships

an open-door policy

We operate an open-door policy encouraging family members to visit as often as they wish. Visitors are welcome to join us for mealtimes, tea and cake, a stroll in the grounds or a more private visit with a family member in their room. In order to provide the very best quality care, we actively encourage family involvement in every aspect of what we do at Bricklehampton. As well as providing us with vital information about the needs and preferences of the people we care for, gathering insight into people’s lives and history can have a positive impact on the care and interaction we provide.

Stay in touch

Families are a big part of the care we offer at Bricklehampton Hall

Families are invited to regular review meetings where we encourage honest and open feedback on everything from care plans to menus and upcoming activities.

In addition to encouraging regular visits, contact and feedback, all rooms are equipped with phone points and we also make full use of video calling technology to promote contact with friends and family.

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