Memorial Day for our loved ones


It has been a difficult year for everyone. Residents and staff today choose to remember families and friends who are sadly no long with us. So we held an annual day of remembrance and memorial for the victims of the Covid-19 virus.

We collectively honoured the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic with a two minute silence. We were all grateful for what we have and remembered those who had passed due to this unfortunate tragedy.

To make it more special, we handed out a guardian angel and sunflower badges to everyone after we lit the candles, so that they could keep and mark the day with. The guardian angel was given to symbolise peace and offers protection for those who believe in it.

After the two minute silence, we all sat and conversed about the pandemic and how it made us feel. The conversations ranged from discussing the severity of the pandemic and how badly it has affected individuals all around the globe. This was a great opportunity for residents to talk about their family and their upbringings. We ended the day by all commencing in a prayer, for those still suffering with the virus and for the ones who have passed.

Having such conversations privately and openly did help in lifting spirits as it shows our residents and staff that we all have an outlet for our feelings and emotions at Hayes Park.

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