Nutrition and hydration week


As part of the celebrations of Nutrition and Hydration week at Hayes Park Nursing Home we had a watermelon lollies.

Residents sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine, chatting (amongst other things) about lollies and singing.

On Friday we had a Fruit and Fitness dedicated day to take part in Nutrition and Hydration week 2021. In the morning we had fitness classes with all different types of exercise involving fingers, hands, arms, legs to shoulders, with different bands to help us. After our exercise we had a fish and chips dinner.

Still in the afternoon, we all got a bit peckish and we decided to stick in the theme of nutrition and made fruit kebabs and smoothies. We had a range of fruits to choose from, and alongside we had yoghurts. Whilst eating we had conversations about everyone’s favourite fruits and the different types of fruits, textures and flavours. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this activity now that sunnier days have arrived.

There are many ways in which to ensure residents are hydrated and enjoy their daily lives. We try to use many strategies to do this and residents love the variety of life at Hayes Park Nursing and Residential Home.


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