Baking Club


Baking Club is so much fun for us all! Our residents have really enjoyed this activity! From cracking the eggs, mixing, pouring and decorating their baked goods, all the way to enjoying their treats with a nice, hot cuppa! Baking club is always popular here at Broadmead!

Baking also has lots of benefits for the elderly:

  • Helps to aid relaxation, reduce stress levels and help to manage anxiety.
  • Improves and builds a healthy appetite by stimulating senses. It encourages older people to enjoy their food more and try new things.
  • Food can bring back fond memories of celebration and familiarity, whether memories of cooking for a loved one or favourite flavours. There is something that will trigger precious memories for everyone.
  • It is creative! Several studies have shown a link between creative expression and wellbeing. Since baking can also involve decorating, expressing yourself like this can calm your mind and improve your mood!

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