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At Broadmead Residential Home

We offer residential care for people who need additional support, find difficult or lonely living in their own home or those who require dementia care or support with their mental health. We may also be able to offer short-term support for families that require respite, day care or convalescence care.

Specialist Dementia Care

Based in Woolton Hill, Newbury

Broadmead Residential Home specialises in providing care and support for people with Dementia. Having dementia champions within the home, we are used to dealing with the confusion and communication issues that can arise for people with dementia. We focus on the unique needs and abilities of every individual, ensuring that they are treated with dignity and respect at every step.

As well as offering dementia-friendly settings with opportunities to reminisce, our activities coordinator ensures that residents have the opportunity for sensory stimulation, using music, smells, textures and exercises to help stimulate the memory, ease confusion and prompt communication.

Under 65s/early-onset dementia care

At Broadmead, our specialist dementia training equips us to work with younger people with early-onset dementia. Every person’s experience of dementia is different and unique and we understand that younger people with dementia may need different support to our older residents. Our approach focuses on the needs of the individual.

Our person-centred approach

Our team takes a person-centred approach to care and care planning. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we work closely with residents and their families to understand their needs and develop a personalised support plan, which evolves as their needs change.

Residential care

A range of communal spaces for socialising and activities

As well as offering dementia care, many of our residents choose to move to Broadmead Restidential home to improve their quality of life, reduce loneliness or gain support with daily living tasks. Residential care takes away the burden of tasks such as cooking and cleaning and allows residents to enjoy the company of others.

Our safe and person-centred approach values independence while offering a comfortable alternative to living alone, which also meets the medical, emotional and physical needs of the people who chose to live with us.

Mental Health Care

Practical and emotional support that is tailored around the specific needs

Broadmead provides care to those who have diagnosed mental health conditions. We offer practical and emotional support that is tailored around the specific needs of the individual. Our staff team is trained to look for signs of change or deterioration in these conditions and to adjust care plans to offer prompt and safe treatment. To support this, we have close connections with mental health teams with trained Mental health nurses and consultants who can provide support and guidance when needed.

Whether there’s a history of mental health conditions or not, physical changes associated with getting older can impact wellbeing, making a holistic approach vital. At Broadmead, we work hard to ensure that residents stay active and avoid the social isolation and loneliness that are a common cause of depression in older people.

Residents are treated with respect and dignity and every effort is made to meet each individual’s needs. There are daily activities for the residents and help is
give to those who are less able so that they can participate. The food is excellent and plentiful. When my mother-in-law woke in the middle of the night she was often brought some sandwiches and a cup of tea!
Their medical care is excellent and any health concerns are quickly referred to the doctor or nursing team who respond very quickly.

Susan W (Daughter-in-law of Resident) – published on 8 June 2020

End of life care

Handling end-of-life care with dignity and respect

We take a sensitive and caring approach to end of life care, ensuring that medical, emotional, physical and spiritual needs are met. Our team is chosen for their unrivalled compassion and integrity, resulting in end of life care which is both dignified and caring in equal measure. We also provide care and support to families at this difficult time and will be happy to answer any questions or provide practical and emotional support during your time of need.

Moving to Broadmead Residential Home

We understand that moving home can be a stressful time at any time of life. Our team will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We’re also highly skilled at helping to ease the transition and we’re determined to make the move a happy one. We’ll work hard to build meaningful relationships with family members to gather information about the life, personality and preferences of your loved one, ensuring the care and support we offer fully meets their needs.

Short term respite and convalescent care

We are pleased to offer shorter-term respite and convalescent care at Broadmead. We understand that caring for a loved one can put a huge strain on families. Whether you need respite care while you take a holiday, have a break or tend to your own well-being, or short term overnight or day care, we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Day Care

Our day care offers the opportunity to take a break, meet new people and engage in new activities.

Night Care

Our overnight care includes an evening meal, overnight stay and breakfast in safe and restful surroundings.

Convalescent Care

Recuperate from an operation or hospital stay in safe and comfortable surroundings, allowing you to focus on making a full and fast recovery.

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Getting the right support

Our helpful and friendly teams are happy to offer advice and support on the right type of care and are happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have. Please get in touch for more information.

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