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We embrace the fact that every individual has their own needs, desires, likes and dislikes and we tailor our approach accordingly. When it comes to food, activities and lifestyle, we aim to offer our residents a variety of choices which meet the needs and desires of every individual.

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Food and drink

Fresh, delicious and nutritious food, with a variety of choice to suit all tastes and diets

Our catering team pride themselves on providing nutritious, freshly prepared meals which look and taste good while also meeting the individual dietary requirements of all of our residents.

The main meal of the day consists of three courses, with a choice of options designed to ensure that there is something to please everyone. Menus are made available the day prior and residents are consulted as part of the meal planning process.

While many residents see mealtimes as a social occasion and enjoy the opportunity to chat with friends and fellow residents, we fully respect personal choice and are happy to serve meals in the privacy of our residents own rooms, if preferred.

We understand that people with dementia, loss of appetite can result in poor nutrition and hydration, which can have the impact of increasing behavioural symptoms and causing weight loss. Our team is trained to work with residents to ensure that they are supported and encouraged to get the nutrition and hydration need to keep them healthy.

Our caring approach

Our mission to deliver high quality person-centered care care which enhances quality of life for the people we support. We help our residents to lead fulfilling lives, with care that’s personalised to their individual needs and wishes.

For us, “quality care” means ensuring that every individual’s hopes, goals and needs are met.


A choice of engaging and entertaining activities

Keeping active is central to the care we provide at Broadmead. Many of our residents thrive on opportunities for social interaction with fellow residents, friends and family and the local community. Our Lifestyle Coordinators are skilled at planning enjoyable, stimulating activities that help maintain life skills, support independence and contribute to both physical and mental wellbeing. Residents are encouraged to engage in choosing activities and letting us know what they want to do. As a result, our activities are very varied, from sedate crosswords over a cup of tea, to pamper days, theme nights, fetes and entertainers from the local community.

Our theme nights go down a storm, with residents involved in decorating the home and planning the event – which has been known to include everything from Greek dancing to Henna tattoos! Another firm favourite is our local history and general knowledge quiz, a great way to create a bit of healthy competition while encouraging residents to reminisce over old memories.

With dementia care a key part of what we do at Broadmead, we also ensure that there are also plenty of sensory activities on offer, from arts and crafts to dementia-friendly puzzles, games, twiddle muffs and a sensory smell, touch and feel box.

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Keeping connected

A care home at the heart of the local community

Situated in a rural area not far from Newbury, Broadmead Residential Home serves a number of rural communities throughout Berkshire. As such, we’re keen to ensure that our care home stays at the heart of our communities. We actively welcome outside visitors into the home, building relationships with local schools, as well as community groups such as the mother and toddler group and the brownies. As well as regular visits to join us for tea and biscuits, a sing-along and even a bit of Ukele playing, we have also been known to host anything from the local village band, to woodturning classes, wartime singers and visits from some of the village dogs (who seem as excited to see us as we are to see them!) Visitors are welcome at all times and residents are encouraged to take tea or coffee with their family and friends whenever possible.

My mother stayed at Broadmead for the final year of her life. During that time, I visited a couple of times a week, and the staff and management always demonstrated a very caring concern for my mother’s comfort and happiness, despite the challenges of my mother’s dementia. The manager and deputy manager, were always very approachable and keen to address any issues that I raised. I can’t imagine a better place for my mother to be in her final months.

Kevin A (Son of Resident) – published on 24 February 2020

Families and relationships

an open-door policy

We operate an open-door policy, encouraging family members to visit as often as they wish. In order to provide the very best quality care, we actively encourage family involvement in every aspect of what we do at Broadmead.

In addition to encouraging regular visits, contact and feedback, all rooms are equipped with phone points and we also make full use of video calling technology to promote contact with friends and family.

Family involvement

Building strong relationships with family is key to the care we provide at Broadmead

Families are a vital link between the past and the present, providing us with extremely important information which directly impacts the care we provide. As such, we work closely with families to build a care plan which includes likes and dislikes, life history, down to what TV or sweets they like to eat. These care plans evolve as needs change, with residents and families fully involved in the process at all times. Regular reviews to gather feedback also form a very important part of our continuous improvement process. Residents also have an allocated key worker so families have a point of contact for their relatives.

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