Broadmead Resthome Residents win the Golden Ticket!


Charlie and the chocolate factory themed afternoon.


We all know the story about a little boy named Charlie finding one of Willy Wonkas Golden tickets. The book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was and still is a bedtime favourite.

This Easter, we decided that a Charlie and the chocolate factory theme day would be a nice idea to do for Easter this year. Reading all the facts about the book, the residents reminisced about the film together and their memories of when they first watched the film or read the book. (Using reminiscence is a key part of what we do at Broadmead Resthome to help residents in their daily lives.)

We had a morning painting brightly coloured bonnets and decorating them ready for the day, held an Easter colouring competition and bonnet competition prizes awarded to winners and runner ups and enjoyed a virtual musical entertainment on DVD from the residents favourite entertainer.

We decorated the sweet cart full of sweet delights with sweety bags and crafted lolly pops I had made for decoration. The residents really did enjoy visiting the cart picking all the different varieties of sweets they liked.

The residents leading up to the event also watched the film which they liked and had sweets again to make it more a visiting the flicks.

The residents received a Willy Wonka bar and as soon as they were given the bar, many residents wondered if they had a golden ticket inside. The faces of the residents who did find a golden ticket was amazing, they were so pleased waving their ticket in the air for all to see.

This activity brought back memories of an old childhood film, helped residents to mix in activities making props and bonnets and certainly brought out their competitive side where they tried hard to win the various competitions around this event.

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