National Hedgehog Day Craft


February 2nd is National Hedgehog Day! Being an endangered species, we sadly don’t see as many of our cute, spikey friends as we used to. Days like these are great to promote awareness and share information on how we can do our bit to help!

It is hibernation season for hedgehogs in the UK, but we still wanted to celebrate them and did so by making our own salt dough to mould and shape our hedgehogs, paint them and finally bake these treasures! A gorgeous handmade tribute to Hedgehogs made by our very own creative residents!

Arts and Crafts help our residents with light mobility in their hands as they knead the dough, shape their craft items and paint their moulds! It also help stimulate them mentally as they creating their individual pieces! Discussing tips for garden maintenance and how we can help hedgehogs also encourages our residents to reminisce about how they used to take care of their gardens, bringing back fond memories that our residents love to share with us!


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