Enjoying Grand National Day with residents


At New Day Nursing & Residential Home in Birmingham, we organised for residents to take part in the Grand National. We printed off racing scenes for residents to chat about and ask staff and residents to share their memories.
Residents were exited waiting for the race to start. The key topics of discussion were the horses and naturally, placing bets!
Staff sat with the Residents and helped them choose the horse they wish to select as their horse.  As there were 40 horses in the race we wrote down the name of the horse and number to make it easy and simple for the Residents. We organised various prizes for the winners which created lots of excitement.
As the race started, we all sat together holding the number everyone chose. All the Residents were excited and were calling out “come on – come on” as the race progressed.
This evening brought up old memories as they said it’s a fun to be together to watch the racing. At the end of the race once the winner was announced. Everyone clapped and had photos taken and whilst congratulating the winner!

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