Celebrating Easter with our lovely residents


At New Day Nursing & Residential home, we wanted to ensure we try to maximise the fun during Easter for our residents. What better way to do this than by asking our lovely residents what they would like to do?

During the planning sessions residents suggested they wanted a yellow theme as this is an uplifting, happy colour for them and it reminded them of Easter. Residents requested being able to sit outside, enjoy cool drinks, do some colouring/painting, enjoy cakes and drinks and of course, making Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs! (YUMMY!)

By engaging our residents in this manner, we are able to engage with residents during the activities but also outside of the activities. We found this gets residents talking and even more excited than they usually are about events in the home. After all, we all plan our own lives so we want our residents to plan theirs too. We’re already wondering what they will want to do next Easter.


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