Garden activities at New Day Nursing & Residential home


We’re fortunate to be enjoying beautiful sunshine in Birmingham. The day is nice and bright outside and some residents asked to go out for a walk. We were of course happy to oblige.
During the walk, residents commented on the glorious weather and enjoying looking at the fish pond and the beautiful sounds from the birds chirping away.
Residents were supported by staff as they walked through around the gardens.  They loved smelling the plants and touching leaves. Throughout, the residents were recalling family memories. One resident was talking about her mother who was a gardener and everyone used to call her lady with green fingers.
This activity was wonderful for them as it brought back memories and allows residents to use their senses. This helps maintain their health and general wellbeing. And who doesn’t love connecting with nature and stimulating their senses and memories which greatly improve their well-being.
this inspired one of our staff to call their mother and father and recall childhood memories of them playing in the gardens and parks and spending quality time together. So, activities at New nursing Home in Birmingham also encourage our staff to stay connected with their families!

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