St. Georges Day Celebrations


Resident’s and staff at New Day Nursing and Residential home in Birmingham celebrated St Georges day by dressing in red and white.

The week was spent talking about what St George’s day is about and why we celebrate St. Georges Day.
After spending time talking to the residents they said although it is not a big event or a national holiday, St Georges day is celebrated on 23rd April each year.
Residents shared their happy memories, the most common being putting England flags up in the windows of their houses and cars.
One resident explained it’s a good time to think about one of England’s most famous men, William Shakespeare, who was not only born on 23rd April but died on 23rd April too. This inspired us to incorporated William Shakespeare into our programme.
Some residents even got involved with decorating cupcakes.
Everyone enjoyed the day thoroughly and the events kept spirits high. Reminiscence is often used in care and nursing environments to help residents have a calmer, better, more peaceful day. We can certainly see that this is working for our residents at New Day Nursing and Residential Home.

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